The Danish Primula Society was founded in Vejle September 25th,1982.

The Society´s object is to promote knowledge of and interest in primulas.
Presently the Society has about 200 members, most of them in Denmark, but there are also members in Norway, Sweden and other countries.

There is hardly a garden in Denmark where some species of primula is not to be found. A genuine spring flower, people generally think, although there are also species which flower well into summer. Primula veris, meaning “the first flower in spring”, is the cowslip – one of our wild spring-flowering species.
Auricula, Himalayan primrose, Primula candelabra and Primula rosea are a few examples of the approximately 550 known species of primulas. They grow wild practically all over the northern hemisphere with only a few species south of the equator. There are about 150 European species and a few in America. The great majority – about 80% – grow in northern and eastern Asia, especially China and the Himalayas.

Numerous hybrids and varieties in all colours of the rainbow have been developed over time from the wild species. The majority of primulas can be propagated by seeds, an exciting hobby whether only a few easy species or the whole collection of rarities is involved.

The possibilities are numerous. If you are interested, apply to the Danish Primula Society.


There are many advantages to membership of the Danish Primula Society:

The members’ PRIMULA, is issued in March and September and  contains articles of interest on primulas for both the beginner as well as the expert.

Seed supplied by members and seed imported from foreign primula seed nurseries are listed for members in the seed list issued together with the membership list and the book list in an extra issue of PRIMULA in January.

Purchase or loan of Danish, English, Swedish, Norwegian or German books on primulas.

Members receive invitations to visit selected gardens for inspiration and good company.

Membership costs DKK 200 for a calendar year. Applications received after November 1st, will apply to the following year.

For further information on membership please contact:

The Danish Primula Society

Hanne Rasmussen

Faldborgvej 10

DK-8840 Rødkærbro

+45 41 62 58 57

Contact Persons


Kirsten Poulsen

Lindevej 30

DK-8850 Bjerringbro

+45 86682050



Thomas Uhre

Jeppe Aakjærs Vej 47

DK-7500 Holstebro

+45 21 72 37 55

Seed exchange

Bjarne Larsen

Linnésgade 37a, 5. sal

1361 København K